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VTL: The Madness of Love Mixtape
Friday 7:30 p.m. | Saturday 3:00 & 7:30 p.m. | Sunday 3:00 p.m.
Auditorium, Getty Villa
Tickets: $7

Q Brothers are internationally known for their hip-hop adaptations of the classics. Previous works include: Othello: The Remix, Rome Sweet Rome (Julius Caesar), Liz! (Lysistrata), and Long Way Home (The Odyssey). The Madness of Love Mixtape is their first time remixing one of Plato's dialogues. Phaedrus is a conversation between Socrates and Phaedrus exploring the themes of madness, the soul, love, and the art of discourse itself. In this version, it is a musical conversation between two Q Brothers. GQ is a right-brained, spiritually inspired individual who moves through the world with his gut and his heart as a guide. His brother J is the left-brained, reason-based pattern recognizer who moves through the world with his logic and his common sense as a guide. Can two brothers who access the world and their place in it with seemingly opposite approaches find common ground in a black-and-white world? That's the question they ask as they explore Plato's themes in the form of a hip-hop mixtape. As we alternate between tracks from "side A" and "side B" we'll see and hear the brothers make their cases, trying to convince each other and prove that their personal view is closest to the truth. Perhaps there is a way, through bridging the two brothers' respective musical styles, that we can find a way to bridge their world views, redefine some terms in the process, and see eye to eye in this current climate that seems obsessed with picking sides.
4/27/2018 To 4/29/2018
Saturday Nights at the Getty: Midori Takada
7:30 PM
Harold M. Williams Auditorium, Getty Center
Free Event; Ticket Required

Experience a rare U.S. performance by Midori Takada, a composer, multi-percussionist, and theater artist renowned in Japanese vanguard circles. Following the recent reissue of her acclaimed debut solo album Through the Looking Glass (1983), Midori presents her precise and mesmerizing blend of rhythms from around the world, creating an ethereal, vibrant sound that affirms her place in the canon of minimalist composers alongside Brian Eno, Phillip Glass, Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley, and Steve Reich.
5/12/2018 7:30 PM
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