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1519: The Arrival of Strangers
1519: The Arrival of Strangers

October 3–4, 2019, 10 am–5:30 pm
Museum Lecture Hall; Getty Center
Free Event; Tickets Required

This is a three-day symposium, taking place at the Getty Center and California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA). Separate reservations are required for each day. Please visit CSULA's website to register for the third day.

This year's quincentennial of Hernán Cortés's arrival in Mesoamerica provides an impetus to explore perspectives on the Spanish conquest of Mexico and the subsequent transcultural processes that played out in New Spain's artistic production. This three-day symposium highlights the great cultural, historical, and artistic achievements of indigenous peoples of New Spain.
This event is organized by California State University, Los Angeles, the Art History Society of CSULA, and the Getty Research Institute and is made possible in part with the generous support of the Seaver Institute.

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